Dr. Asheena Baez

Sustainability Culturalist. Healer of Humanity who speaks what she seeks until she sees what she said.

Dr. Asheena Baez is an internationally renowned Mindful leadership Coach, Curriculum Developer, and Educational Consultant.

After graduating from the Summer Principal Academy Graduate Program at Columbia University, she went on to serve the program as a Leadership Coach and is currently an Adjunct Professor. Asheena has led transformation and cultural sustainability efforts for school districts, organizations and corporations, in eight countries.

Growing up in the South Bronx in New York City provided Asheena with the resilience and inspiration to transform global communities using the power of mindful awareness techniques. She is a mother of three and a passionate educator that believes indestructible wellbeing is the birthright of all humanity.

Internationally, Asheena provides education networks, corporations, organizations, and government agencies with high-impact training in Mindful Leadership practices of self awareness, self acceptance, and self actualization to promote whole-health increased organizational culture sustainability and wellbeing outcomes globally. She has completed her doctoral studies and dissertation centered on The Impact of Mindfulness in Cultivating Sustainable Organizational Culture and Wellbeing.